Local Business Permits/Licenses Contact information for Gainesville and surrounding counties.

   North Florida Cities and Counties contact informaiton for obtaining Business Licenses. 

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Requires an occupational license. If you are doing business from your home, you must also have this license. Contact Code Enforcement www.actcfl.org   Click on Local Business Tax.
Home Based Business Affidavit, and Home Based Business General Application.
Also required is a tax receipt. Also, may call 352-337-6227. Three forms required and fees vary according to the size and type of the business. ($52.50-$525.00).

City of Gainesville: It is best to call 334-5024 for information, and to receive forms.The Thomas Center for personal contact in the Code Enforcement and Business Licensing departments.
Online at http://cityofgainesville.org Click on “E-Services” link on left.  Then click on Business Tax for forms and assistance.. Persons are advised to make personal or telephone contact to avoid paying unnecessary fees that are non-refundable.

City of Alachua: Business license required: Contact on line at www.cityofalachua.com and click on Planniing and Zoning. Forms and instructions are available from this site. Also may call 352-418-6100

City of Archer City Hall                         Phone: 352-495-2880
16870 W 134th Ave.                              Cost of Occupational License: $36.50/yr.
Archer, FL 32618                                  at www.cityofarcher.com (follow tabs on web site)

City of Newberry: Occupational license required: www.ci.newberry.fl.us and click on Business.  Forms are listed under Resources.  May call 352-472-3927.

City of High Springs: on line, contact www.highsprings.us  and click on Government  or call 386-454-1416.

Levy County May contact through www.levycounty.org and click on code enforcement. Call (352)-486-5198  Parcel number of business location required and questions from the business person must be submitted in writing. County offices are in the town of Bronson, Florida.

City of Williston: May contact through www.willistonfl.com or call 352-528-3060. Business tax receipt required issued by the City Clerk. Other requirements may be in force depending on nature and location of business.

City of Bronson: On line: www.townofbronson.com or call 352-486-2354.

Keystone Heights City Hall                    Phone: 352-473-4807
555 S. Lawrence Blvd.             
Keystone Heights, FL 32656                                        

Hawthorne City Hall                              Phone: 352-481-2433
6700 SE 221st                            Cost of Occupational License: Varies
Hawthorne, FL 32640   Call or go to City Hall for license application.  www.cityofhawthorne.net

Union Union County Courthouse                      Phone: 386-496-3331 (Tax Collector’s Office)
15 NE First Street                                 Occupational License cost varies with type of business.
Lake Butler, FL 32054-1701                           

Lake Butler City Hall                             Phone: 386-496-3401
200 SW First Street                               Occupational License cost varies with type of business.
Lake Butler, FL 326054-2016    

Gilchrist County Courthouse    Phone: 352-463-3173    http://gilchrist.fl.us
P.O. Box 37                                          Fax:     352-463-3166
Trenton, FL 32693-0037     Business tax license required if in unincorporated area.

Trenton City Hall                                   Phone: 352-463-4000   www.trentonflorida.org
114 N. Main Street                                Fax:     352-463-4007
Trenton, FL 32693                        Occupational License cost varies by type of business                                        

Bell City Hall                       Phone: 352-463-6288 (a.m. only)
3240 W/ Railroad Lane              Occupational license cost varies by type of business.
Bell, Florida 32619                                 www.townofbellflorida.com