IRS Small Business Help

The IRS has several websites to help various categories of taxpayers.  Their main website is   However, they specialize and have a section specifically for Small Business & Self Employed.   To supplement this they have a video only section at   Both are worthy of consideration during tax season or any time an issue arises involving Federal Income Tax.

This listing under Template & Tools will cover two areas dedicated to Small Business & Self Employed issues.

First is a section of the site dedicated to Small Business.  Click the image to visit this area and note the many topics of interest to Small Business or the Self Employed.

Use the 'Search' feature if you area of concern is not shown.






The second section of the site uses videos to convey the topics in short presentations.  Click the image.

This image illustrates the Small Businesses area but check the other tabs for other choices. Note the Espaniol tab.