The Importance of Motivation

Presented by, Wendy Kaufman looks at the valuable role of motivation in people's work and personal life.

I recently asked Jane, a woman who attends my classes, how her work and life are going. She responded that everything is fine; she has no problems and doesn’t know what she wants to do tomorrow. Jane told me that she just lives her life on a day by day basis.

While this may seem acceptable to some, I was extremely alarmed by her response. Jane's reaction to the simplest of questions made me realize the importance of motivation.

Unmotivated, Jane seemed stuck in a monotonous loop, and worse, she didn't seem phased by the repetition. Getting up, going to work, and having the same exact routine day in and day out, with little challenge or even mental stimulation, can kill our ability to seek motivation. Being satisfied with mediocrity, to me, is incomprehensible. In the words of Daniel Pink, “Routine, not-so-interesting jobs require direction; non-routine, more interesting work depends on self-direction.”

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