How to Use Facebook to Find Potential Employees

Republished by permission of, in agreement with NY Enterprise Report, Jennifer Scott gives tips for networking through social media.


Networking has long been described as the number one way to get ahead; to increase sales, to find investors, and yes, even to find a job or new employees.

We’ve all overheard people ask “How did you get that lead?” or “How did you hear about that opportunity?” And we’ve all heard people answer, “Oh, I knew someone…”


Networking—it’s all about who you know. Or is it?

I have connections on LinkedIn I’ve never met, followers on Twitter I had not previously heard of, and <gasp> “friends” on Facebook that I’m not friends with. Crazy?

I can walk into a room of 150 people gathered to hear me talk about social recruiting, and they’re in that room because they know about me, not because I already know them, and that’s good for business. Networking, in my possibly not-so-humble opinion, is not just about who you know. I believe that’s only half the picture. I believe that who knows about you is equally as valuable.


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Jennifer Scott is the director of talent acquisition for Workforce Engine; a consulting firm helping small and mid-size businesses drive productivity through strategic HR. Since 1993, Jennifer has been helping companies understand how the candidate sourcing, recruiting, and retention processes work. She can be reached at