How Pinterest Videos Can Help Your SEO

Presented by, Robert Weiss explains how to use Pinterest to improve the search engine result rankings of your business.

Is your marketing department ignoring Pinterest in hopes that it will be just another fad? Did you know that Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as two to three times as efficiently as Twitter was at a similar time in its history? Not only is it the fastest growing social media site today, but it is a great value for online video marketing because of its video SEO value.

Pinterest’s traffic is growing exponentially

A lot of traffic and relevant keyword rich URLs are important to increasing your SEO rankings, and as of this writing reports that Pinterest URLs show up in over 46 million Google search results, including over 1,170 indexed online video URLs.

ComScore’s statistics for February 2012 revealed Pinterest may not be just one of those “other social media sites.” Unique visitors increased over 50 percent over the previous month to 17.8 million.

The way Pinterest works is that each pin, board, and user profile receives a unique URL. So each board (or category of videos) you create can be titled and tagged with targeted keywords, which Pinterest uses to create a keyword rich URL. This means that each and every board will include your targeted keywords and be indexed by Google so searchers can find your online video production content.


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