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Presented by, Anne Marie Ludovici-Connolly, M.S. details how and why to offer an employee wellness program in your organization.

The benefits of deploying and sustaining a workplace wellness program are well documented.

Live HealthyStudies have shown that for every dollar invested in a comprehensive wellness initiative, employers could glean a $3.27 return on that investment (Health Affairs, 2010). Research has also revealed myriad other benefits associated with workplace wellness initiatives, including increased productivity, improved job satisfaction and morale, and attraction and retention of talent.

So if you haven’t started a workplace wellness initiative, what are you waiting for? Workplace Wellness Programs: Promoting Better Health While Controlling Costs is a terrific resource to get you started. This guide outlines six simple steps for implementing a wellness program.

  1. Develop a plan.

    Determine if you want to opt for traditional programming or an integrated health management strategy. Traditional programming focuses on wellness awareness and education programs that operate in silos and are not data driven. Integrated health management focuses on population health by targeting select programs for risks and readiness. It provides for the measurement of outcomes and includes a strategic plan.  

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