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Congratulations! You’ve just launched your website – a key part of creating an online identity for your business – but that’s only one piece of the online puzzle. Now it’s time to share your site and help potential customers to find you. They’re searching for businesses like yours on their computers and smartphones, so it’s more important than ever to have a presence everywhere they’re looking! 

By showcasing the services and products you offer on all the sites that your consumers are frequenting, you’ll gain increased exposure for your business.

Take a look at the three most popular types of sites that will help you get found online:www image

  • Social Media:

    Branding your business and creating a home for your electronic footprint is extremely important. With social media, your business’s footprint will grow exponentially, especially if you brush up on the basics! For more information about social media engagement, see Best Practices for Using Social Media.

  • Local Reviews:

    More and more, customers rely on consumer review sites like Yelp®, Google® and Yahoo!® to find local businesses. These sites are extremely popular and often show up on in top search engine results, so having your business listed for customers to find is a no-brainer. To learn more about local review sites and the impact they’ll have on your business, see Promoting Your Business Through Local Review Sites.

  • Search Engines:

    Search engines are like trusted librarians — people depend on them to find the exact thing(s) they need. These days, when people try to locate information online, they typically use the assistance of search engines like Google®, Bing®, or Yahoo!®. And if your website has all the information a search engine is looking for, great things can happen for your site (and your business). For more information about search engines and how they function, see Search Engine Basics.

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