Five Tips To Manage Your Company's Social Media

If you’re a small business owner, a social media presence is essential if you want to market to your target customers online.  However, staying on top of everything is a challenge. 

Here are some tips to help.

Monitor your social media

You need to make sure you are keeping track of interactions in case a customer has a wonderful or awful experience they want to share with you or wants to make a suggestion.

Establish a set of parameters that works for your company’s image

Use your platform’s moderation tools.  Facebook provides some user-friendly tools:  keyword moderation blocklist and profanity blocklist.  Facebook Page admins can set up a list of words they do not want to appear on their Facebook Page.  Facebook also has a profanity filter that you can set to Medium or Strong.  These filters block many uncivil words or phrases.  The Page Admin can access these tools from the top of your Page by clicking Edit Page and selecting Edit Settings. 

Be prepared for negative comments

Negative comments are to be expected and are great engagement opportunities.  Plan out how you will handle these types of comments.  If someone posts a negative comment about your company – you have several options.  Don’t delete it unless it’s over the top and inappropriate.

  • Reply quickly with an apology and a plan to resolve the issue to show you care.
  • Direct the person to contact your customer service department.
  • Offer a refund or coupon.  Remember your entire online community is watching so you’re making more than one person happy!
  • Promise to look into the issue and fix it.  Be sure you do fix it!


Keep track of customer interactions and listen to what your fans are saying to you.  If you want to engage your fans, listening is the key. 

Find a balance between posting content and engaging in a conversation.

Be Responsive

If your users leave comments, respond to what they say - quickly.  Comments from your fans and customers will give you feedback about your products and services.  Respond to customers in a prompt manner.  Be human in order to establish trust.   People want to be listened to and will see through a canned, robotic reply. Provide solutions for your customers.

About the Author

Maureen Hogan is the owner of Scout Moderation.  The company provides social media moderation to corporate clients and retail brands like Under Armour, AMC Theatres and MINI Cooper USA.  Visit us at