Find New Ways to Network

Presented by, Michelle Court introduces two new services that help you optimize your business networking.



What is it?
Ohours (as in open hours) is networking with a purpose. Meet new people that have something to offer you and your business, and share your knowledge in return.


How does it work?
First, sign in to with your Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook profile. You can then search for people you want to meet with based on their areas of expertise or their location. (Phone calls and video chat options are also available, if you see someone you’d like to speak to who doesn’t work nearby.) Each user’s profile includes a picture, a brief bio, and a list of subjects they want to speak about and don’t want to speak about. On each profile, you’ll see a list of the user’s available times and dates, as well as who else has signed up. Sign up for a convenient time slot and you’re ready for some organized networking.

If you’d rather host your own office hours, you can sign up to do that, too. Enter the time and date you’d like to host, schedule the length of the session and the length of the individual appointments (from 10-minute to 60-minute time slots are suggested) and whether you’d like to meet in person, by video chat, or over the phone. You can approve people who’d like to attend your office hours on a first-come, first-served basis, or you can view all the applicants and approve them individually.

Group Ohours are also available and include analytics and a custom subdomain. Plans start at $45 a month for 15 members.


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