Financial Management Workbook

Do you wish that your business had booming sales, substantial customer demand, and rapid growth? Be careful what you wish for. Many small business owners are unprepared for success. If you fail to forecast and prepare for growth, you may be unable to bridge the ever-widening financial gap between the money coming in and the money going out. In other words, by failing to manage your cash flow, good news often turns to bad.

Decisions That Make Money!

SCORE and VISA are committed to the financial success of small businesses. Every decision that a small business makes - whether it's creating a website, investing in advertising and marketing, or hiring an employee - has a financial impact.

Together, SCORE and VISA will help with your decision-making with this workbook. Throughout the guide, you'll find case studies, examples, and expert guidance on every aspect of small business finances. You'll see that our goal is the same as yours - to make your business financially successful.

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