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This month, technology evengelist Ramon Ray shares some thoughts about the ever-diversifying world of small business technology.



The more we utilize business technology, the more vulnerable we become to failures and security breaches. What can a small business do to help safeguard itself from major problems such as power failures, hacking, etc.?

Have a technology expert audit your business to ensure your network, computers, and mobile devices are secure.

  • A technology expert can also assist with addressing “what if” questions—what if I lost power, what if I couldn’t get into my business location, or what if my business was destroyed by a flood or fire. It is critical to think about business continuity and security before a problem occurs.
  • Regularly change your passwords and backup all your information.
  • Always have remote access to your data.
Q: You recommend regular technology audits as a way to make sure a business is leveraging technology in the right way. What areas the audit should examine?
  • Information Security.
  • Training your staff so that they’re using technology as efficiently and securely as possible.
  • Your future needs and what current/developing technologies will help meet them.
  • What is not working right now or what could work better?
Q: What emerging technology trends are you watching most closely?

I think the cross-integration of cloud computing services is amazing. For example being able to load a video into Dropbox and have it seamlessly added to your YouTube account with no manual re-upload. Also, hosted applications are great but more of them need to speak with each other. This is something that the The Small Business Web is trying to do, and doing quite well.

Q: You’ve written that finding a solution for every technology problem is easier when you have a trusted advisor. Does this hold true for business problems in general as well? And what role can a SCORE small business mentor play in helping find these solutions?

Having an advisor (or more than one) gives you a source of advice and insight that you don’t have on your own. SCORE, which I have used for many years, has mature business leaders who know business. They’ve seen it all and done it all, and know what it takes to succeed—and fail.


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About the Author

Ramon Ray HeadshotRamon Ray is editor & technology evangelist of and Regional Development Director NY/NJ for Infusionsoft. He is passionate about helping small businesses grow their businesses using technology as a strategic asset.

He is a journalist, freelance writer, event producer (Small Business Summit, Small Business Technology Tour, Small Business Influencer Awards), speaker and author. As a journalist and writer, Ramon has written thousands of articles about technology for small businesses. His work appears in Smallbiztechnology and also in, Entrepreneur, Inc., OPEN Forum and Black Enterprise amongst many other publications.