Successful Email Marketing Tips

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Gail Goodman, President and CEO of Constant Contact shares exclusive tips for successful email marketing.


Q: What are some ways to keep your customers opening and reading your emails?
  • Compelling content will engage your readers and make them more likely to keep reading. It’s important to send personalized communications that address your audience’s concerns and needs without being overly sales-oriented. This will position you as a source of valuable information and even as an expert.
  • Use your newsletter as a tool to share all types of important information to your client base. Share information about what new merchandise you have in your retail store or a recipe off your new menu. And, have an interactive Q&A section.
  • Everyone loves images, so include graphics, photos, or links to online videos. The more knowledge you can share helps to create a better customer relationship.
  • A monthly contest in your newsletter is a fun and interesting way to engage your customers. Try asking questions about what their funniest do-it-yourself home improvement story is or draw them to the website to submit an entry for a contest.
Q: What should a business keep in mind when creating an online survey?
  • The most important consideration when getting started is to define your objective. Before you start developing questions or building out a survey, you must ask yourself these two questions:
  • What do you want to discover/explore/track, or what problem do you want to solve?
  • Who do you want to survey so you can accomplish this goal?


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About the Author

Gail Goodman headshotGail Goodman is Chief Executive Officer of Constant Contact, and has senior management, marketing, product management, business development and management consulting experience with Open Market, Progress Software, Dun & Bradstreet Software and Bain & Co.