Achieve Your Startup Goals with Tips from a Millionaire Mom

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Q: What steps can help an entrepreneur achieve their goals?

Spend time reading every day. In five years, your life will be a reflection of the knowledge you have gained from reading, and the people you have spent the most time with. • Create and write down your goals. They represent your ultimate destination and you should always have them close at hand. You'll go off course sometimes, but that's to be expected. • Take action every single day towards accomplishing your dream, but don't confuse being busy with being effective.

Q: Becoming a "millionaire mom" sounds like a great goal, but it may not be for everyone. What goes in to crafting a personal definition of success?

Reflect on what brings you the most happiness and focus on generating more of it. Success is just like a cake; each is a mixture of ingredients, and what you put in determines what comes out. The basics include determination, persistence, asking good questions, having vision and taking action. Throw in dashes of gratitude, self-esteem, empathy, non-judgmental living and personal pride in a job well done.

Q: Along with what are your favorite online resources for small business management?

I like a subscription-based service that offers web-based productivity and daily use applications for conducting business online. And I love Google. The fact that I can type in any question and get an answer just makes me happy!


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Joyce BoneJoyce Bone is a wife, mom and successful entrepreneur. She is the founder of, a membership community dedicated to helping like-minded women master the art of raising a business and a family at the same time. Joyce has been featured in Money, Kiplinger`s, and CNBC`s "The Squawk Box".