Expand Your Reach With Social Media

You’re ready to take your online brand to the next level: social media. By establishing an active presence for your business on social networks like Facebook®, Twitter® and LinkedIn® you can easily interact with customers and prospects online. Social marketing lets you:

  • Make up-to-the-minute information available to the online community.
  • Attract thousands of online followers with a few daily keystrokes.
  • Target specific customer questions or issues, while making the same information available to all existing and potential customers.

By getting social, you will continue to build credibility, raise brand awareness and engage with current and potential customers.

Best Practices for Using Social Media for Business

Position yourself as a reliable, credible and captivating professional. Follow these guidelines to help ensure success:

Social Media imageLocate your audience.

Do your customers and prospects gravitate toward LinkedIn or spend more time on Pinterest®? Do they have active Facebook and Twitter lives? Do they gobble up YouTube® videos? By knowing which social media sites your target audience frequents, you can work smarter to develop profiles on those sites.

Get on multiple platforms.

It’s easy to repurpose relevant, quality content for use on multiple sites, which increases your opportunity to reach more customers and prospects. Learn the ins and outs of making the most of individual social media sites by spending some time on their support pages.

Start slow and work your way up.

Don’t try to do too much, too soon. Learn the basics of one site before you start on the next.

Make friends.

Social media is about people connecting with people. Even if you’re representing a business, be sure to let your genuine, human side shine through.

Post relevant and engaging content.

When you know your audience, you can post content that will resonate with your followers. Post photos, videos and other visual elements to boost engagement. Provide useful information in your posts, such as links to related articles and videos. This will help establish your credibility as a valuable resource within your industry.

Be accurate.

Your posts can help build credibility; be sure to check your facts, spelling and grammar.

Remain active, but practice restraint.

Make sure your content is fresh and up-to-date for all of your social sites. A non-monitored or dead social space is worse than no social space at all. However, don’t over-post—once or twice a day is adequate—and always remember that you’re representing your brand.

Think twice.

Once you post, it’s out there to be shared on a global scale. Take a few minutes to consider the content of your message and the best tone in which to deliver it.

Connect your social media profiles to your website.

People love to follow their favorite companies, but your customers might not always know you’re on their favorite social media sites. Make it easy
for them to find you by placing social media widgets on your business website—a place they’re sure to visit.

Have a question about social media? Connect with a SCORE mentor online or in your community today!

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