Costs of Installing a VoIP System

Most businesses are aware of the reputation of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems–they are very cost-effective, easy to use and quick to install. Even so, it is important to take all potential costs into account before making the switch to a VoIP system.

The best way to maximize savings is to choose a reputable VoIP provider. Providers with experience in your industry or those that have worked with businesses similar to yours can offer you advice, tips and tricks to help you make the most of the switch. 

Woman Orange ChairReputable providers can also offer discounts on phones and adapters, can help you install the system quickly and can provide maintenance as you use the system over the years.

A basic VoIP service package is billed to you similarly to traditional phone service. You’ll pay a monthly charge for your internet connection and a charge for phone system services such as voicemail, conference calling, etc. If you use a hosted system, you’ll pay for these minus equipment charges–hosted providers maintain and repair all equipment at a separate facility. Internet service providers charge for internet connections based on service and speed–the faster the connection your system requires, the more costly your monthly bill. In addition to these monthly service costs, consider the following expenses associated with installing a VoIP system:

  • Start up costs: The actual installation of system equipment will not be included in a monthly service charge. Service technicians will test your current internet connection, make sure your office has a stable power supply and ascertain whether your connection is fast enough to support a VoIP phone system. You may need to install additional routers or other equipment as needed.

  • Training: If you plan to use advanced or tracking features, you may want to have the VoIP service provider train you in their use. You can also ask for a training session for employees. Training is a “hidden” cost of switching–you’ll need to pay employees for their time as they learn how to use the new system.

  • Operational costs: These costs include equipment upgrades and maintenance charges. Some providers charge monthly fee for maintenance and charge for upgrades as they are needed. Whichever route you choose to go, make sure that your maintenance contract establishes acceptable “downtime” and the wait time for a service technician.

New offices without an established internet connection usually find VoIP phone systems especially cost effective, because you can configure connection requirements to fit the system before any routers or equipment are purchased or installed. There is also no need to dispose of older telephone equipment, purchase adapters or make adjustments to your current system to support VoIP calls. Choosing to install a VoIP system in your new office can save your business a considerable amount of money.

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