Better Employee Management: Interviewing and Hiring

Better Employee Management: Eight Critical Areas for Small-Business Success

Interviewing and Hiring

One of the most important HR functions in any business is recruiting and selecting top people. If your company relies on outdated or ineffective interviewing and hiring techniques, you might be losing money. It's a good practice to list the job-related criteria sought for the position and evaluate each candidate against these during the interviewing process.

Depending on the position, key criteria could include:


The extent to which the applicant's background and experience are consistent with the requirements of the job.


How the applicant's schooling is relevant and sufficient for the requirements of the job.

Job Knowledge and Job Skills

Does the applicant possess the practical and technical knowledge required on the job and skills to perform the job?

Knowledge of and Interest in the Industry

The extent to which the applicant has knowledge or is familiar with the company's industry. The level of desire applicant has in working for the company.

Communication Skills

How effectively the applicant can communicate verbally and/or in writing.

Supervisory Skills

The extent of the applicant's previous responsibility for direct and indirect reports, including the authority to hire and fire. Applicant's management style.


How readily the applicant proposes ideas and finds new and better ways of managing tasks and workflows.


The extent to which the applicant appears to seek out new assignments and assumes additional duties when necessary.


How well the applicant appears to maintain control and handle stress.

Overall Impression

The extent to which an applicant's overall appearance, manner, and responsiveness seem to be consistent with the requirements of the job.

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