Better Employee Management: Employee Motivation and Development

Better Employee Management: Eight Critical Areas for Small-Business Success

Employee Motivation and Development

A worldwide study showed that engaged employees are happy employees. Half of "engaged" employees said they had no plans to leave their company, while 15% of the "disengaged group planned to stay.

Worldwide study showed engaged employees are happy employeesThe Recognition Council, a branch of the Incentive Marketing Association, has issued guidelines for employers who want to understand better how to motivate and engage employees:

  • Employees who feel valued and trusted are more productive; and high-performing employees will leave companies if they do not feel valued.
  • Definitive recognition and rewards programs can help managers reward behaviors that produce results.
  • A survey of 1,000 workers by White Water Strategies, a U.K. consulting firm, found that saying "thank you" or praising staff can affect job satisfaction as much as a one-percent pay increase.
  • The right training and recognition programs can help create a motivated workforce.

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