AVG Security Tips: e-Commerce Safety

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Security KeyboardThe hard facts are simple; if an offer looks to good to be true, then it probably is. The upshot of this reality is that hackers often duplicate or hijack genuine "storefronts" belonging to recognized brands to disguise their malware. If your business is targeted as a harboring ground for malicious content then think about what they says to your customers -- essentially your brand is tarnished (if not ruined) and your commercial reputation slides downhill.

So what steps can you take to keep your online shop safe? AVG provides you with six solid pillars of e-shopping best practices.

  • Check that your website hasn't been hijacked by a landing page using a spelling variant of your true URL. For example, if you run a business called with www.discountcars.com then check for www.discountkars.com and also look out for a variant without the "s" as in www.dicountcars.com.
  • Estimates suggest that nearly 7% of worldwide merchandise bought online is counterfeit -- so provide consumers with guidance on the authenticity of your products, link to your suppliers’ sources if appropriate and take the time to produce testimonials from satisfied customers, it all helps paint the correct picture.
  • Genuine websites will generally feature a detailed privacy policy which explains how customers' personal details are used -- make sure that this is part of your online presence.
  • A bona fide seller will generally provide users with a returns policy and an option for how to cancel and where to return goods -- once again, make sure that this is part of your online presence.
  • Keep your website content relevant by changing the special offers or daily news alerts as often as possible. Also remember that businesses selling online need to build trust with users by displaying contact numbers throughout their site.
  • E-shoppers need to be shown security accreditations such as an SSL certificate, which verifies that your website is legitimate and hosted on a secure server.

e-Commerce Safety
December 2011
AVG Security Tips

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