5 Tips on Sprucing Up a Tired Image

Get the best ways to spruce up your business's tiered image by using these five tips brought to you by SCORE Mentors.


  • Identify who your customers and other stakeholders are and what they want from you. Through interviews or questionnaires, have them help you evaluate your image.

  • Pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your current image. What misconceptions or negative perceptions need to be corrected?

  • Devise a strategy. It could include changing your company’s name and logo, changing your product mix, or even dropping some customers and courting others.

  • Get expert help. Image makeovers usually call for professionals who can help you devise and implement a new concept.

  • Follow up to make sure the makeover is doing its job. Are sales up? Are you attracting the customers you want?

Brought to you by SCORE, America's small business mentors, at www.score.org.