5 Tips on Resolving Disputes

Learn alternative methods to settling business disputes.

1. Consider adopting an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program as a way to resolve employer-employee conflicts. It can be less costly and time-consuming than litigation.

2. Understand that ADR uses such tools as mediation and arbitration and is conducted in private.

3. To find help in setting up an ADR program, look in the Yellow Pages under “Mediation Services.” Ask other small business owners or your local chamber of commerce for referrals.

4. Remember that ADR programs work best when you have a clearly written ADR policy that employees see as fair. Start by maintaining an open-door policy that encourages employees to bring grievances to their managers without fear of retribution.

5. Visit www.Chorda.com, the Web site of Chorda Conflict Management. The site includes a Nation’s Business article, “A Working Alternative for Settling Disputes,” which provides a thorough discussion of ADR.