Why should your restaurant be (almost) paperless?

Yes, there may be customers who still want a printed ticket, you can’t help that. But, the more you go off paper and in the cloud, the more secure your business is and the more sure you are that you aren’t missing anything, both for the day to day and for tax season. Today we offer you the different kinds of software you can use to streamline your restaurant management and offer examples of software to do it with.

What kind of business software do you need for better restaurant management?

Restaurant OwnersManage, Schedule, Pay Your Staff

Whether manager or server, scheduling is a pain, especially for those companies where you still have to come in on your day off to post and see the schedule. And goodness when someone calls out sick, scrambling to find out who is available can take precious minutes or even hours. Then, with a constantly rotating door and schedule, you need to use a time clock and then organize payroll. There’s really an easier option, here are two solid ones.

When I Work Scheduling + When I Work Time Clock is a perfect combination that allows you to track it all from even your iPhone. Someone’s sick? They can log it into When I Work Scheduling and all other off-shift servers will be notified. You can choose from those that respond with availability or you can go first come, first serve. Then, they can clock in and out from the app or from an iPad or computer in the break room. Everything is tracked and ready for paychecks at the end of the week or month.

Shiftplanning Managing the schedule of more than one restaurant? Or are you wondering if your habitual latecomer is really just stuck in traffic? Use GPS tracking and then have people checking in on time clock terminals, even if you aren’t there. And remind your employees of shifts with both email and SMS notifications. Then, flow all this data through integrations with third-party payroll services.

No Reservations?

Again, that old reservation book not only can get lost or spilled on, it’s simply inefficient. Use a reservation tool like FrontDesk to plan ahead, allowing folks to book online or you can manage it all from your mobile, tablet or computer.

Manage Tables and Checks

Leaving servers and bus staff to remember table numbers and to deliver the right food and checks to the right tables can be risky.

Vend Point of Sale for stores can easily be applied to restaurants. You simply add a table number as a customer and a sales account as an order. You can even add specific attributes that are commonly used, like non-fat and soy milk. You can even assign these tables to specific servers, so you can do table zone defense.

Manage Inventory, Billing and Kitchen Orders

Downtime and side work is filled with the tedious task of ticking off goods on printed sheets. Wouldn’t it save so much time if it were all automated?

TruePOS blends inventory, billing and kitchen ordering. It even allows you to track recipes, manage transactions, and guest seating layout. You could say it’s the app you need to take care of the day-to-day stuff where most of the mistakes happen.

Carta Inventory Management, besides allowing you to manage and control your inventory, lets you creates sales orders and purchase orders, and notifies you when you’ve been invoiced and when things have shipped. Are different staff in charge of ordering different things? Track it all within the app so there’s no duplicate ordering.

Automate Sales Tax

Some states tax eating out, some just tax alcohol, while others will tax the food you serve, but maybe not non-carbonated drinks. Sales tax is a necessary evil in running your business. (Unless, of course, you’re in Delaware.) Avalara Sales Tax is a Freemium tax tool, with its advanced geo-location with 10,000 US jurisdictions and nearly 100 countries being your first step toward sales tax compliance. Manage two restaurants in two different tax jurisdictions? Use the Premium version to then generate invoices with proper taxing easily. Avalara Sales Tax also integrates with Quickbooks, Salesforce, Netsuite, Sage and more, so you can generate accurately taxed invoices within the small business accounting tool you’re already using.

Keep Your Books in Order

Nothing can be more taxing (pun intended) than managing your restaurant’s accounting. QuickBooks Online can be used for purchasing, bill paying, tips tracking, gift certificates, cash management, time tracking, and payroll.

You can enter daily sales by server, by entering a different sales receipt per server per day, always making sure that the total is zero. Each day, at the end of business, you’ll “zero out” the cash register or POS system and create the reports of that day’s sales. With that information, you’ll create a single entry into QuickBooks for each server that will record his or her total sales for the day. Accounting software like Quickbooks accept online and mobile payments, allowing your employees to run all transactions from the iPhone or Android. You can also scan receipts into QBO to keep track of printed and signed copies.

Just about to open a restaurant? Try QuickBooks’ Financial Planner Tool and figure out the total cost of opening a restaurant.

Just Get Your Business Organized!

With apps like Canvas, you can take existing business processes and forms and convert them into mobile versions that can reflect real-time data collection. It can help you understand how you use resources and how you can use them better. It’s a solution suited for almost any business, but with customizable fields that can be easily made to fit your restaurant’s particular needs.

Restaurant Owners