Look at you, all done setting up shop. Your proverbial doors are open -- online or offline or both -- and you’re ready to start kicking ass and taking names. But you might be missing out on a great opportunity: the chance to connect with new and existing customers on your website by showcasing your unique story on your About Us page. That means answering one of the most profound questions that could ever be asked of your small business: Why are you here?

Relax, I’m not speaking philosophically. What I am asking is:

-- What drives you?

-- What is your passion and why?

-- Why did you choose this line of work?

-- Why should I choose to do business with you rather than your competitors?

-- What do you stand for? 

While there is endless debate over the value of the journey vs. the destination, answering those questions that add up to “Why are you here?” can make your business the destination of choice for consumers.

You might think that no one wants to hear your story; they just want whatever products and services you offer. But to that rationale, I propose you this scenario: I want to purchase something and I am torn between two online companies I can buy from. The prices are the same, but my decision boils down to more than money. I want to know that the businesses I support do the right things for the right reasons. I care about values. I want to support a business that I can relate to. Where would I find that information? The About Us page.

Let’s say you run an animal rescue. Why do you do it? Maybe when you were a child, your parents took you to the local shelter and let you pick out a rescue puppy. That puppy grew up with you, stayed with you while you were sick, made you happy when you had a bad day, calmed you down on your first day of high school, and was there to watch you receive your college degree. This was a lifelong companion that someone else chose to give away, an opportunity that never would have happened if someone else hadn’t dedicated their lives to bringing joy to both pets and people alike. It affected your development so profoundly that you want to devote your own life to paying it forward, just as someone before you did. Yeah, you’ve got my attention now!

You’ve got a story, a passion, something inside that drives you. Share it on your About Us page! With so many choices available these days, why wouldn’t you want to give your customers one more reason to choose your amazing company? This is your opportunity to shine, to put your motivation center stage and turn casual shoppers into full-blown supporters.

For more tips that will help you create a compelling About Us page on your website, see Create Website Content and Tips for Using Images on Your Website.  

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Erik Wong

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