Q: Why do you think every small business needs a website? 

A: Since 78 percent of consumers now conduct research online about a product or service they want to purchase, a beautiful website is your chance to make a lasting impression. Here’s how I like to sum it up:

Your website is like a virtual customer service agent: You’ll save time when customers can find all the answers on your website, and customers will be confident doing business with you when they know you’re just a call, click or email away—24/7.

Your website is like a commercial on every channel: 
Having a website makes it easier to get found on social media, Yelp® or Google®. Customers are looking for information on these sites, and having your website listed there will just make it easier for anyone, from anywhere, to find your business.

Your website is a Place of Your Own: The look and feel of your website can truly reflect your business’s look, culture and values. It is a place where you can tell your story. 

Q: What do you think prevents or discourages small business owners from launching a website? 

A: Lack of time and lack of a direction. Our small business customers are busy and they wear many hats each day. Building a website is the last thing on their mind. Also, building a website on your own can be intimidating, as most small businesses are not super savvy with back-end technologies. Hiring someone to build can be really expensive. Small businesses need direction on what they need to get a website up and running quickly. 

Q: What do you think would surprise people about building a website? 

A: It can be so easy that it could literally take minutes to get a website up and running. 

Q: What would you consider the top three benefits of having a website for a small business? 

A: 1) Credibility; 2) Communication medium with the customer; and 3) Getting found online.  

Q: What advice would you give small biz owners who are considering getting their first website? 

A: Get started now. It’s not about building the most perfect website in the first go. Start with a simple website that has a little bit about your company, your products and services and how to contact you. Publish your website as soon as you can. And it’s important to keep your website updated with the latest and greatest technologies—like adding social media updates to your site. 

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