Q: Web hosting is an area that intimidates a lot of people. Can you break it down for us so it's easy to understand? 

A: Hosting can be intimidating because the technology behind it is really complex. However, for small business owners, the part they need to understand is simple:

Your website is made out of a bunch of files. Your hosting is simply the place where you upload those files so people can view them on the Internet. All of the techno-wizardry going on to make that happen is our responsibility. Our customers should never have to worry about it.

Q: If you're a small business owner, why should you care about hosting?

A: Every small business should have a website—and if you have a website, you need hosting to make it available on the Internet. Small businesses should also care about their hosting company's service and reliability. Having a website that goes down all the time or runs slowly doesn't drive customers to you. Reliable hosts that provide world-class services will help your customers have a positive impression of your business.

Q: What options do small business owners have when it comes to hosting for their business website?

A: Their options really depend on how their websites were built. If they use a DIY website builder, it probably has hosting built into it. If they hired a designer, that person might handle the hosting for them. Additionally, small business owners can buy a shared hosting account themselves. "Shared" in this context means they share resources with other websites on the same hosting account. This is a lot more economical and simple than buying a "dedicated" server, where there's only one website on the entire server. There are also special accounts with WordPress baked directly into them. Basically, there's an option for everyone, no matter their situation or skill level. If a small business isn't sure where to go, they should contact our 24/7 support staff for expert-level guidance.

Q: What are a few key considerations when choosing a hosting provider? 

A: Service and reliability are so important. Small business owners want websites that are fast all the time and available all the time. That sounds redundant, but it's important to make sure your host accomplishes both of those tasks. If your website's fast, but has a lot of downtime, you're not doing yourself any favors. And a website that never goes down but runs slowly is such a frustrating experience.

Q: What kind of financial investment is a small business owner looking at for a year of Web hosting? 

A: A year of our economy hosting is approximately $60. If you consider how many customers a website delivers to your business, this is absolutely one of the best investments you can make.

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