The basic idea of responsive design is that a website has the ability to change (“gracefully,” as one Forbes author quipped), depending on the device being used.

Think of a time you were on your phone looking at a website that appeared as a tiny version of the site you previously viewed on your desktop computer. In order to be able to see any of the content, you had to zoom in, scroll (and scroll and scroll), then pinch an area. You get the idea, and you’re remembering how painful of an experience it was. If that website had been responsive, it would have dynamically changed for easy viewing on your phone (or tablet, or whatever device you were using).

Now, onto the top four reasons your business needs a responsive website:

1. Your customers care. Nearly 70 percent of Americans now use their mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, to conduct Internet searches. We don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to the Web, and a customer is more likely to leave an unresponsive site than attempt to navigate it.

2. Your competitors care. If your competitor’s site is already responsive, you can’t afford not to catch up and do the same. If your competitors haven’t made their sites responsive yet, utilizing responsive design on your own site will give you an important advantage (and by “important” I mean profitable). When potential customers leave the competitor’s non-responsive site and come to yours, you have the opportunity to turn them into your customers!

3. Your bank account cares. Well, I don’t know if your bank account has feelings, but the takeaway is that putting money into creating and maintaining one site is less expensive than creating and maintaining one primary website and a mobile site.

4. Google® cares.Yes, (the almighty and powerful) Google and other search engines are favoring responsive websites in search rankings. Search engines want to provide users with the most relevant search results, so mobile users in particular will be shown responsive sites before non-responsive sites in search results.

In short, responsive website design is around to stay—and you can’t afford not to invest in making your business website responsive.

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