Q: How can small business owners get better organized?
  • Get in the habit of daily planning. Entrepreneurs tend to be all over the place. Choose a centralized online or paper planner and keep everything there. It’s helpful to do your planning at end of the day for tomorrow and two to three days beyond.
  • Set weekly or monthly benchmarks for yourself, such as writing a certain number of articles or blog entries, or contacting a certain number of clients. Make sure these benchmarks are measurable and track them.
Q: What are your recommendations for setting priorities?
  • Delete - See if you can delete the idea; that is, determine if it’s worth the effort or if other versions are already in the works.
  • Delay -  It may also be possible to delay the idea to a time when you’re not as pressured.
  • Diminish - See if you can streamline the idea and complete it in a shorter time.
  • Delegate - Finally, give the idea to someone else. That way it will get done and not throw your schedule off balance.

What are three key considerations for monitoring and maintaining the effectiveness of a social media communication strategy?

Make sure that you know what you are going to measure or consider a success.

  • Be prepared that your metrics will change over time.
  • Don’t just monitor and measure for your brand. Look for trends or conversations on a broader scope so you can develop insight and quickly change course with your communications when the conversation shifts.


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