Here are ten tips to make the best hire for your small business.


____ 1. Think through the following:

            ____ A. needs you have now 

____ B. needs you may have in 6 months 

____ C. current 'inventory’ of skills you have access to as employees, contractors or vendors 

____ 2. Define roles & responsibilities of the new position 

____ 3. Develop a wish list and know the difference between wishes & must-haves

____ 4. Create a thorough Job Description 



____ 5. Write an awesome, creative, personalized help wanted ad.  (You want to find a great person, and they want to find a great job.)

____ 6. Send the Job Description and/or ad to friends, put it on social media and on Craigslist, unless you are keeping the search confidential. 

____ A. Include one or two tasks in the ad. This helps with screening out those who don’t follow instructions.  For example "please send me a personalized cover letter.” 

____ 7. Screen by email. Be sure to check your spam and junk folders for responses.

____ 8. Next, screen by phone. Invite only those who passed your first screens. Did they follow directions? Cull the list. See only those who handled the  phone screen well. 



____ 9. Interview

____ A. Create an environment to set the candidates at ease.

____ B. Let them do 60-80% of the talking please.  

____ C. Get to know them.

____ D. Ask specific, not hypothetical questions.

____ E. Gather specific details and facts. (Those facts come in handy.) 


____ 10. Check references!



Make offers.  

Plan orientation and training. 

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