Here are two templates to create a professional brochure for your small business.

We have the “Business” and “Creative” template options pictured below.

"Business" brouchure template "Creative" brochure template    


Download the "business" brochure template

Download the "creative" brochure template


How to use the templates:

  1. Download the tri-fold brochure template you prefer (“Business” or “Creative”).
  2. Open the template in Microsoft Word.
  3. Replace the “Company” name and logo with your own business name and logo.
  4. Type or cut and paste your own copy into the text areas.
  5. Adjust the font size to fit the space as needed.
  6. Change the color of the fonts to suit your business color palette, if desired.
  7. Fill the grayed-in spaces with your own images. (Make sure you have the rights to use any images that you include in your brochure.)
  8. Replace the graphics—that is, the chart and icons—with relevant graphics for your business.
  9. Proofread the document for errors and make any necessary corrections.
  10. Once you are satisfied, print the document.

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