Are your employees acting a little sluggish lately? Is it the winter blues or something more? As a small business, you don’t have time to let them work it out on their own.

Here are some tips to get your employees back on track:

  • Be realistic. Are you piling too much on? Be realistic about how long job duties take and realize that everyone has their own pace. Some jobs can be done quickly; others require the employee to slow down to get it right. Don’t overschedule your employees, and try to build in time for disruptions or last-minute projects that inevitably come up.
  • Get organized. Are you running an organized office or are your employees generally confused about their priorities? Use one system to keep track of everyone’s workload. Consider using an online project management tool so all members of a team can check a project’s progress. Then keep the lines of communication open so employees always know what is expected of them.
  • Back off. As your business grows, you need to learn to delegate. But sometimes delegation leads to micromanaging. Be honest with yourself about which duties someone else could do better than you; then back off and let them do their jobs. Delegating builds employees’ skills and makes your entire business more productive. But if employees feel like you’re hovering over them at every step, you’ll be building resentment instead of productivity.
  • Take breaks. Plan an office potluck, have energizing activities like shooting hoops around the office, or send someone out for a smoothie run for everyone. No one can be productive every minute of the day. Even 10 minutes of break time can make a difference and when your employees return to work they will be more productive and efficient.

About the Author(s)

Ken Yancey

W. Kenneth Yancey, Jr. has been SCORE CEO since 1993. During this time, he has been responsible for developing SCORE into one of the most efficient and effective job creation and business formation engines in the USA.