The media is full of articles and stories on new statistics and new behaviors. But how do you weed through all this information to pick out what is truly useful – and lasting? The key to being a trend spotter is to rely on sources that pull together reliable information in a way that is useful and evergreen for entrepreneurs.

The following are several resources to keep you up to date:

  • TrendCast : Rieva Lesonsky publishes every Wednesday, a newsletter on hot businesses and trends. Rieva is focused on the small business market so Trendcast is especially relevant for growth-oriented entrepreneurs. Browsing through the Trendcast archives will help you quickly learn about the latest in demographics, buying patterns, hot products and more. You can also follow Rieva @Rieva directly on Twitter and be part of a great exchange network for questions and advice.
  • JWT Intelligence, is an excellent resource for keeping up to date on trends. Every year they issue a list of the 10 top trends to keep an eye on for the coming year.
  • produces reports on trends in specific industries.
  • Census Bureau: The Census Bureau is a great resource for determining the actual makeup of your market – gender, age, income, family size, etc. You can look at the data for the United States as a whole if you are selling nationally, or zoom down to your home community if you are looking to start a local business.
  • Your local Chamber of Commerce:  Your local Chamber is often a great source on stats and performance factors for businesses in your community. Because their mission is to encourage the growth of successful local businesses, the Chamber can be an invaluable resource for connections, trends and advice on what may work and what may not.
  • Other resources include:

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