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Dennis Zink:     Scott, what is SEO?

Scott Gonnello: Well, search engine optimization is a lot of different things for different people, but basically, it's taking your website and making it more efficient and more optimized so it communicates better to the search engines.

There's dozens of ways, hundreds of ways to do that and depending on what industry you are, where your location is, what products you're selling will depend on how you go about optimizing your website. Basically, it's making the website communicate in a way that helps your ranking and your placement on the search engines.

Dennis Zink:     What are algorithms?

Scott Gonnello: Algorithms are what the search engines use to choose whether your webpage is going to show up in the search engine and, if so, where in that search engine results. The good news is you might make the search engine results, the bad news is you might be on page 500.

Algorithms are basically little pieces of code that choose whether your page is usable or not. It might is the content well written? Is there enough content? Are there links? Are there pictures? Are the pictures using the proper alt tags? Are there more people going to this site or are they bouncing off that page too quickly?

There's all these different codes that the search engines use to decide where you're going to show up, if you're going to show up.

Dennis Zink:     What's an alt tag?

Scott Gonnello: The ADA requires that all images have an alt tag or alternative text, basically. What it is, is a description of that image. The blind in America or around the world have computers that talk to them. If they hover over that picture it talks that description that you place in there and tells what it is. It's also very searchable. If you don't have an alt tag, you're not getting the best of the SEO techniques that you could be using.

Dennis Zink:     Why would SEO be important to a business?

Scott Gonnello:  Well, first and foremost, the top page of let's say Google, the search engines, is the best place to market bar none. The old days of spray and pray with hundreds of thousands of viewers or readers or whatever, it doesn't work anymore. This here, is people are looking for you and if your page shows up, you're in the game. So, it's important to show up on the top page if you want to succeed in business because that's where everyone is going.

Dennis Zink:     How do you get to that top page?

Scott Gonnello:   A lot of work or practice, practice, practice. Getting to that top page is different for everybody. Everything is relative in the search engines. Getting in the top page in let's say Sarasota might be easier than getting in the top page of Manhattan for the same product.

It's relative to where you are, who your target market is, what you're selling, what's the competition, what's the baseline for that industry, that location. It's a whole bunch of different things that go into effect about how to get there.

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