New Marketing TacticsTwo of the most effective marketing methods for your small business are still emerging, but rapidly being adopted by consumers craving convenience and savings.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing doesn’t necessarily mean mobile advertising, which can be costly for a small business. As consumers and business decision-makers alike increasingly use mobile devices to search for information, it’s crucial to make sure your business is listed in local search directories and on relevant ratings and review sites.

Next, develop a mobile-friendly website so potential customers who click on your site from search results or reviews can access important information quickly. How quickly? A recent Google study showed users will give up if your site takes more than 5 seconds to load on a mobile device.

Make sure your business’s hours, address and phone number are readily accessible and readable. Consider including click-to-call buttons; a recent study found this is something most customers want. Last, but certainly not least, optimize your website so it will rank higher in search engine results.

Once you’ve attracted new customers with mobile marketing, consider capturing their cellphone numbers and using text message marketing. (Make sure they opt in to receive messages from you.) While text messaging won’t work for all businesses, it can be a great way to alert customers of last-minute or limited-time events, specials or sales.

Daily Deals

Daily deal sites, such as Groupon, capitalize on consumers’ love of all things social—and of saving money. Deal sites work with your business to help you create discount offerings and special packages; then they send their subscribers free, daily emails alerting them to these deals.

Groupon and other successful daily deal sites have massive subscriber lists, guaranteeing that your business will be exposed to a large number of new customers. There’s a social component, too: Subscribers are encouraged to share the promotions with family and friends, which increases your exposure exponentially. Finally, daily deals also allow for highly targeted marketing: You can target customers in specific ZIP codes and those who have expressed interest in deals in your industry.

Combine these two emerging marketing methods by using mobile deal apps such as Groupon Now, which offers real-time, location-based deals. Use of mobile deals is growing, and a recent Groupon study found that mobile customers spent over 50 percent more than Web-only customers, making mobile deals a profitable avenue for attracting and retaining small business customers.Pros

Mobile marketing attracts young, affluent consumers, as well as those seeking convenience.
Daily deals have across-the-board appeal these days, and can quickly go viral.
Since these marketing methods are still emerging, you’ll need to educate yourself on best practices and keep up with the changes.

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