Keep Your Website in Tip-Top Shape

Updating and maintaining your website’s content and functionality is key to staying current and delivering what your visitors want and need. Plus, continually updating your site with relevant content will work wonders at improving your search engine visibility. Keep it fresh with consistent blog posts, up-to-date photos and videos and design tweaks that reflect evolving trends.

Web Analytics

Track Your Website’s Performance

Recall those goals you set for your business website? Sure, you’ll know as you progress toward them. But you won’t really know how well your
website is working to meet your online objectives—not in any quantifiable way, at least—without help from web analytics.

As a small business owner, you should know how many people are visiting your site, how they found it, and if your online marketing efforts are
working. Web analytics products can give you all of those answers, and more.

  • Visitors: Learn about visitors to your website, such as whether they are new or returning, how they found you, where they are located and which browsers they are using.
  • Pages: Gather information on specific pages so you can analyze the effectiveness or popularity of each page on your site.
  • Referrers: Find out which websites, URLs, search engines and keywords lead visitors to your site.
  • eCommerce: Get specifics about revenue-boosting and lead-generating visitor activities, such as purchasing products and signing up for newsletters.
  • Mobile: Discover how many customers access your site using their mobile devices and how they use your mobile site.
  • Social Media: Measure the success of your social media profiles with details about others’ engagement with your social content.
  • Advertising: Learn about the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts and measure your advertising return on investment (ROI).

Stay Social

As you consistently interact online with your customers and other members of your social networks, you’ll start to figure out where your time is
best spent and the type of content that resonates loudest with your target audience. This knowledge will enable you to tailor your social media
strategy to meet your specific needs. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin, so make smart use of your limited time by building active profiles
on the social sites most favored by your target audience.

Deep engagement on the sites that matter most to your audience will yield better results than superficial engagement over every
available social platform.

Get Mobile

Don’t get left in the mobile dust. More and more consumers are turning to their smartphones and tablets to search for local products and services and to make online purchases—known as m-commerce. You want your business to be there for them, so make your website mobile-friendly! Some easy-to-use site builders, including GoDaddy’s Website Builder®, convert your website to mobile automatically.

Hone Your Focus

Channel your time and energy into online avenues that prove most effective for your business—email marketing, a particular social media platform, a call to action on your home page, whatever works best for you. After you get your online brand rolling, take a step back and evaluate your progress. Revisit your goals and make adjustments based on your experience.

Just like in the brick-and-mortar world of business, success online is all about working smarter, not harder.

Launch Your Online Brand

Launch Your Online Brand