Search Engine Optimization

Use Keywords to Get Found

The idea of SEO is simple, but the steps to achieving it can be confusing and complicated. The more research you put into making your site more visible to search engines—a process known as “optimizing” your site—the greater return you’re going to see in your rankings.

You type keywords when you search for products, services and answers on search engines. As a business owner, you can help capture the interest
of search engines by assigning keywords to each page of your website. This is a big part of optimizing your site.

Be Relevant

A relevant keyword helps online users find your site if they search for it using a search engine.

Be Specific

The more specific your keywords are, the greater chance you’ll have less competition and a higher rank. Your keywords should represent what you do, your location, the services you offer, your products and your industry.

Be Strategic

Once you’ve chosen your keywords, use them in page titles, metadata, image names and in your website’s page content. Use each word or word combination, as well as their variations, at least two to three times per page.

Be Natural

Overusing, or “stuffing,” your keywords will harm your site’s ranking because search engines read sites like we do.

Increase Visibility