Technology can simplify, automate and speed up many of the tasks you do in your business every day. But technology can do more than that. By correctly implementing technology in your business, you can transform technology into one of your company’s strengths, enabling your business to be more efficient, more productive and more responsive to customer needs. Connect with a mentor to discuss technology and your business today.

Below is a list of some common tasks that the owner and employees of a small business might perform on a daily basis, as well as examples of technology solutions for each.

Consider which tasks are part of your business and which solutions might not only streamline your operations, but also create new areas of strength to make your business more competitive.



  • Lead generation – email newsletter, lead capture on website, SEO, CRM (customer relationship management) software
  • Customer contact - CRM software, contact management software
  • Sales presentation – laptop computer, projector, videoconferencing software
  • Taking orders – ecommerce site, click to call, online chat
  • Client meetings – videoconferencing services, teleconferencing services
  • Post-sale followup - CRM software, contact management software


  • Staff meetings – videoconferencing services, teleconferencing services
  • Project management – project management software, accounting software
  • Time management – project management software, time tracking software

Customer Service

  • Answering customer emails – automated email responses
  • Answering customer questions/resolving problems – online chat, click to call, FAQs on website, contact information on website, social media
  • Scheduling client appointments – online appointment scheduler


  • Shipping/Order fulfillment – mailing software, online shipping
  • Receiving – inventory management software
  • Making deliveries – GPS device


  • Advertising - online advertising
  • Marketing - social media, viral deal sites, blogs, email newsletter, website, SEO
  • Promotions - social media, blogs, viral deal sites, review and ratings sites
  • Public relations – blogs, social media
  • Market research – social media, Web analytics, online community on website


  • Generating financial reports– Accounting software, dashboards
  • Budgeting – accounting software, dashboards
  • Balancing books – Accounting software
  • Generating invoices – Accounting software, electronic invoicing
  • Generating checks – Accounting software
  • Handling payroll – Online payroll service, direct deposit
  • Receiving payments – Ecommerce shopping cart, mobile credit card acceptance, electronic invoicing, ACH debit