Responsive website design

Whether you’re looking at a website on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, responsive design ensures the best viewing experience because it enables the site’s layout to adapt to the parameters of the viewing device. Its advantages include:

-- the ease and simplicity of managing the design for a single website

-- cohesive branding

-- consistent user experience

If your business website isn’t responsive, you’re probably losing visitors. Sorry, no snoozing.


Parallax website design

Parallax website design offers a fresh, interactive user experience. A parallax web page’s background and foreground images move at different speeds while the user is scrolling, creating the illusion of depth in a two-dimensional site. It’s really cool. As website designer Kate Harvey described navigating a parallax site:

 “The experience is almost like pulling the handle on a slot machine, when the cherries and sevens and bars sort of shimmy for a second before slipping away to make room for the next set of highly anticipated images.”

If you’re telling a story on your website -- parallax design can help viewers feel like a part of its unfolding. Great move if you’ve at least thought about it for your business website. Hit snooze.


Shareable images and videos

You can say more with fewer words on a web page when you incorporate well-executed video and photos. They’re a must to capture the interest of today’s web users, who expect a highly visual experience when they visit a site. And those visual website elements are more important than ever for building your brand through social sharing on sites such as Facebook and Pinterest. So, if your website dazzles with its embedded videos and photos, keep dreaming. But if you’re using flash video, rise and shine! 2014 declared this outdated technology kaput.

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