1. Change.

Change is the biggest reason for updating your visual identity. There are so many ways your business can change, but not every change warrants a new logo.

Save it for the big stuff. Are you moving to a new location or completely shifting your product line? Are your target customers the ones who are changing? Do you want to reflect a new “green” approach to your business?

If so, a new identity might be the best way to indicate this change to your customers.

2. Growth.

Sometimes it’s possible for a business to outgrow its original logo, particularly if you’re part of a quickly evolving industry like social media. Your logo just might not make sense anymore. At a time like this, you might want to consider updating your visual identity.

3. Legal.

Hopefully you did your due diligence when you created your logo, but on the off chance your logo is trademarked by someone else, we’d say that this is a very, very good time to rebrand.

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