Simple Design

Clean, simple website design is growing more and more popular, and we’ve seen big-box businesses set the stage for this new online trend – revolutionizing website design and inspiring creative innovation online. They have millions of dollars to spend on design research; so keeping up with their website design standards is always a good idea.

To follow trends and give your customers the best online experience, your home page should communicate your products and services with a standout image or slogan, not an overload of flash and clutter.

Little to No Scrolling

Have you ever visited a website that requires you to scroll down just to view the main image and/or content? Yuck! You don’t want to make a bad impression by forcing your visitors to dig for info when they land on your home page. It’s smart to keep your home page short by following newspaper standards and placing images, headlines and text “above the fold.” Display your remarkable images and content on the pages where they belong – About Us, Testimonials, Products and Services, or Contact pages – to give your customers a better user experience.

Be a Social Butterfly

Customers love keeping up with their favorite businesses, so if you’re on social networks like Facebook®, Twitter®, Instagram® or Pinterest®, make sure your home page has social media buttons. These recognizable widgets enable visitors to easily follow you or display live feeds of your recent posts. This is word-of-mouth marketing in the digital age!

Stay True to Your Brand

Brand consistency is key to success online. If your business represents one thing and your website represents another, visitors might be skeptical of your company’s credibility. Select your design, template, color scheme and logo very carefully. You not only want these elements to reflect your products or services, but you also want them to be uniform across all platforms.

Be Original 

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and get a little quirky! Small businesses are reinventing website design and connecting with their customers along the way. Get to know your audience, and then have fun with interactive, clickable features or playful, witty headlines. Your options are endless online, so make sure they stand out and represent your business’s charm.


Now that you know a few ways to boost your home page’s appeal – it’s time you get started! Make your home page the best online business card and virtual pick-up line your customers have ever seen.