In today’s media-rich, on-demand environment, your customers want instant gratification. You can give it to them with video. At least one good video will add another dimension to your site and could take your business through the roof.

Take Oaji Valley Taxidermy. Chances are, you’ve seen or heard about their videos. But just in case you haven’t, here’s the backstory: Chuck Testa is a taxidermist who lives in Oaji, Calif. He created a hilarious video to promote his unique skillset. The video went viral and, to date, his original video has almost 15 million views on YouTube®. Oaji Valley Taxidermy now has customers from all over the world. Chuck has since created his own YouTube channel and creates new videos regularly.

Believe it or not, you can produce high-quality video content for your website without breaking the bank.​

Pick Your Pocket

OK, you might not be Spielberg, but it’s easier than you think to create a quality video with just your smartphone. There’s no need to invest in a bunch of high-end video production equipment. You can start by grabbing a smartphone tripod for less than 10 bucks. There are also plenty of free and low-cost camera apps that can enhance your existing smartphone camera. To learn more about shooting striking videos with your smartphone, click here.

Choose Your Method

You don’t necessarily have to create a funny video to get noticed. Creating a straight-forward informational video explaining your goods or service is also a great way to get your message out there. You might also create a how-to video to show potential customers how to perform a certain task. They’ll appreciate the good advice; you’ll position yourself as an expert within your industry; and customers will keep coming back to your site.

Touch It Up

After you shoot your video, take a few minutes to polish it up with some basic video editing. With minimal effort, you can add some background music, cut out extraneous frames, even add helpful text and contact info. Most modern computers come equipped with easy-to-use video editing software. If yours doesn’t, you can find reasonably priced third-party software.

Don’t be left behind with a dated, static website. With a smartphone and just a bit of creativity, you can leave a lasting impression on current and potential customers. Who knows? You might become the next Internet superstar. Just ask Chuck Testa.