By interacting with your current and potential customers on social media sites, you can build your brand, cultivate customer loyalty, and establish some serious credibility within your industry.


This social dynamo makes it easy for businesses to interact with their customers. You can build a branded Page for your business—complete with your logo and a catchy description of your products or services—to promote your biz, craft posts that demonstrate your expertise, and, perhaps most important, make connections with customers. To start using Facebook for your business, check out Facebook Basics.


Sure, you can use Twitter to promote your business by offering discounts or special deals to your followers in 140 characters or less. The biggest business benefit of Twitter, however, might be the opportunity it offers you to engage with customers who are tweeting about your products or services. You’ll make big moves toward earning your customers’ loyalty when they know that you're listening to what they have to say. To learn more about interacting with your customers on Twitter, see How to Effectively Use Twitter to Build Your Business.


Essentially a social hub for sharing images and ideas, Pinterest can be an ideal platform for visually showcasing your products and services. You also can use your Pinterest business account to share reliable industry-related information to educate or entertain your target audience—another way to establish credibility as an expert within your field. For more information about starting to use Pinterest to inspire current and potential customers, see Pinterest Basics.

This handful of social networks is just the tip of the cyber iceberg. Do you research to figure out where your customers like to spend their time online, and plan to join them!

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