Generate Leads

Collect Email Addresses

These days, we all communicate via email—so it just makes good business sense to maintain a database of email addresses for customers and prospects. Sure, you can place some sort of sign-up form on the counter if you have a brick-and-mortar store. But you’ll find that your website is a much more powerful vehicle for soliciting email contact info from people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Include a Contact Form A contact form is the most basic way to collect your visitors’ information. When they fill out your website’s contact form, they do it because they have a question, need information or want you to contact them. It’s where they go to connect directly with you.

Add a Sign-Up Form Visitors can receive information about products and services, updates, discounts, etc.

Include an email opt-in box on your checkout page (for e-commerce sites).

Give a special offer for joining the email list.

Invest in an Email Marketing Program

What to do with all of those email addresses? Reach out to those customers and prospects though a company-branded, value-laden, professional-looking email campaign. Email marketing offers a targeted approach to connecting with current and potential customers. After all, they’ve opted in to receive your email correspondence. It can build brand awareness and loyalty. Even better? The cost. Harvard Business Review recently called email marketing “the most
cost-effective advertising method available today.”

Other benefits include:

  • Add a sign-up widget to your website.
  • Store email addresses in a user-friendly database.
  • Export email addresses for use in social media campaigns.
  • Create email campaigns using templates.
  • Track open rates/who clicks on what links.
  • Create contact interest groups.

Craft Compelling Calls to Action

A call to action is a convincing offer that requests contact information in exchange for something your visitors want. When you create a call to action that is short, simple and compelling, you motivate your visitors to take the action you want. They might not be ready to purchase yet, but they are on your site because they’re interested in your products or services. You can even make your call to action link directly to a contact form.

Generate Leads