E-commerce Q&A with Tonia Rojas, Product Manager for Online Store at GoDaddy

Q:  If you own a brick-and-mortar storefront, why is it important to also maintain an online store?  

A: There's an incredible sales opportunity in managing an online store. You will be able to reach customers around the globe, 24/7, 365 days a year—significantly increasing your pool of potential customers and your revenue. Selling online can also help reduce time and money spent, especially with the right eCommerce software that provides automated inventory tracking, payment processing, and order notifications. 

Q: What elements comprise a successful online storefront?

A: You need four core components for a successful online store, including:

ŸWebsite. A typical online storefront has a minimum of four to five pages about the products you are selling, company info, contact info, and checkout pages. 

ŸProduct Information. Be as detailed as possible with the products you are selling. Include the price, material, origin, and any other information that someone might want as they're perusing the product from their computer or smartphone. The higher the resolution of your product images, the more attractive they will look!

ŸShopping cart + Payment Provider. Make sure to use a trusted payment provider so that users don't abandon the checkout process due to security concerns. You don't need to re-invent the wheel with payments—using PayPal® or Stripe®, which are fast and easy to set up, will help you start collecting revenues in no time. 

ŸOrder Fulfillment. Cost and administrative time to fulfill a customer's order should be minimal. Your e-commerce tool should email customers automatically when an order is received, shipped, or cancelled, and you as a merchant should be able to see detailed information about the customer (such as contact info and shipping address) and the order (such as items ordered and date of purchase). 

Q: What might surprise people about maintaining an online store? 

A: Consumers are actively researching information from various sources. They are likelier to buy from an online store with all the info they want upfront (without having to call for additional details). Make sure that the value your products are providing stands out. The most successful online stores know their customers' needs and sell them exactly what they want! 

Q: What advice would you give a small business owner looking to launch an online store? 

A: Setting up an online store is easier than you think. Don't spend too much time thinking about the setup; focus instead on how you are going to create value for your potential customers with the products you're going to sell. With a great eCommerce software, you should be able to breeze through setup so you can focus on satisfying a growing customer base. 

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