Proven Strategies to Drive Traffic

Leverage Social Media

While most people still find websites using search engines, an increasing number of online users are discovering new sites by way
of social networks. Include your site’s URL in all bios on your social channels. Craft engaging posts that include links to more
information on your website (like videos). Connect with influencers in your industry, and ask them to share relevant links to your site.

Send Business-Class Email

This is a big one. Because you own a domain name for your business website, you can also use it for company-branded email.
Every time you send an email from that account, you are marketing your website. As opposed to using a free, generic email account,
you succeed on several important fronts when you use an account linked to your domain name (like
  1. You show that your business is serious enough to have your own website and email.
  2. You etch your domain name into email recipients’ minds.

Maximize Blogs

Incorporating a blog into your website gives you a forum to share timely, pertinent info about your products or services, comment
on industry trends, or simply show your business’s “personality.” The result? You can position yourself as a subject-matter expert
while promoting your brand. Entice visitors by publishing thought-provoking — even controversial — content, and add momentum
by publicizing this content through your social media outlets. Drive even more visitors to your site by hosting guest blogs authored by
industry influencers and maybe even satisfied customers, asking them to share the link on their social platforms.

Run Promotions

Consider offering promotions, redeemable through your website, strictly for your online audience. Research deal-of-the-day sites, such as Groupon™ and Living Social®, to see if they’re worth the investment to get featured. Once you decide on your online
promotion, get the word out by sharing it on your blog and social media profiles.

Participate in Local Reviews

Sites like Yelp®, Angie’s List™ and Yellow Pages® are the online world’s No. 1 source for local business recommendations.
In addition to offering a platform for sharing opinions about products and services, these sites give consumers another way to find
businesses. The millions of people who use these sites can gain their first exposure to your business—and you—through them.
Be sure to respond promptly and positively to the comments posted about your business.


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