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The Center for Peak Performance

John O’Keefe​
Newport Beach, CA​
SCORE Mentors 
Betty Otte, Robin Noah, John Pietro, Tom Patty 




The Client:

John O’Keefe’s Center for Peak Performance uses a proprietary coaching and training system to help business executives, salespeople, entrepreneurs, athletes and others eliminate mental roadblocks and develop habits that lead to success. 

The Challenge:

Before launching his business, O’Keefe admits, “I needed some coaching and mentorship myself.” After learning about SCORE online and through his local Chamber of Commerce, he was matched with SCORE Mentor Betty Otte. “I wanted help determining if my business idea would be profitable.”

The Solution:

Otte worked with O’Keefe to develop a business plan and a marketing plan, suggested tips to take his networking to the next level, and helped him be more selective in targeting clients. Robin Noah helped O’Keefe develop 30-second and 60-second “elevator pitches” to introduce his services to potential clients, and showed him how to use social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn, to build awareness of his business.

Developing useful content and sharing it on social media is a key marketing tactic for O’Keefe, whose goal is to educate prospects about his services. He uses a monthly email newsletter, online radio show podcast and Internet TV show to highlight customer success stories and demonstrate how The Center for Peak Performance can benefit clients. “[Creating content] has been helpful both in raising awareness and as a marketing tool,” he says.

The Results:

O’Keefe says business has tripled in volume since he began working with SCORE. In addition to one-on-one consulting and coaching services, he also does speaking engagements, holds seminars and sells ebooks on his website. Eventually, he hopes to find sponsors for his TV show and possibly license his business model to others.

Along the way, he’ll continue relying on help from SCORE. “SCORE has so many incredible seminars and professionals,” says O’Keefe, who has since worked with Tom Patty and John Pietro at SCORE’s Orange County chapter, and frequently refers his own clients to the organization. “I urge everyone to take full advantage of their services. It’s a no-brainer.”

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