If you own a food business, for instance, your customers might want your recipes or enjoy a story about the local sources you use. Graphic designers can share how-to content on making your marketing materials vibrant. My business keeps an eye on the trends small businesses should pay attention to, so we highlight trends in retail, management and technology in our content on a daily basis.

To create good content, follow some basic guidelines such as:

  • Content & Your CustomerUnderstanding your core audience and what they want to see. Aim to create unique they can’t find anywhere else.
  • Make sure your content relates to your brand and resonates with the culture and “personality” of your business.
  • Besides putting content on your business’s website, make a list of other sites that might want your content (and be willing to link back to your website). This gives you more reach.
  • Make sure you’re sharing your content across all your social media channels, and making it easy for customers to share it, too.
  • Find a good team and helpful tools to streamline content creation, so it doesn’t take away from growing your business.
  • Measure your content’s effectiveness by listening to your customers and seeing what they have to say about it. Use your social media and website analytics tools to find out which pieces of content get viewed and shared and how long viewers spend on any particular piece.

Recent studies show a business’s content shouldn’t just be about keywords and SEO. (Search engines actually “punish” you for creating content that’s too rich in keywords.) Give customers valuable information they can use to solve a problem or that they can share with their friends, and the rest will come naturally.