Luckily, you have options to make the perfect business website happen:

Do It Yourself

If you want complete control of your website’s overall look and management, building your own website is the way to go. You have two options:

Site Builder: Great if you want to create an attractive website in a short amount of time. You typically begin by choosing a pre-designed template and then replacing the text and images to meet your needs. The layout and design is done for you, so you don’t have to deal with difficult decisions about placement of text and graphics. Updating your site is also quick and easy. With GoDaddy Website Builder® you can easily create a professional website with hundreds of customizable designs, all tailored to your business. You receive all you need, including domain, hosting, marketing tools and 24/7 award-winning support.

Content Management System (CMS): If you like the idea of building and updating your own website without learning HTML, but want more flexibility than a site builder, consider using WordPress® or Joomla™. These free programs use themes to control the look of your website and a dashboard to update content and add pages. You’re able to create a professional-looking site with a lot of functionality.

Professional Designer

If you have an idea for your ideal site, but don’ t want to build it yourself, consider hiring a professional website designer. This is the most expensive route to get online, but it can be a great investment. A professional designer can collaborate with you to turn your vision into a fully functional, customized website that meets your online goals. GoDaddy’s Dream Design Team® knows just what it takes to build an eye-catching, effective site. Selling products? They can also build eCommerce sites. Affordable service includes hosting, marketing tools and more.


Website Designer