Here are my Top 5 Trends for Business Card Design in 2014.


The chalkboard style has become ubiquitous in all forms of printed material – from wedding invitations to birth announcements to holiday cards. It suggests a casual and fun vibe, and provides great contrast for graphics and type. For me, the challenge is getting the card to look hand-touched and imperfect, while also looking professional.


Everyone wants their business card to grab attention. The use of bold patterns and bright colors makes these cards stand out in a crowd. When designing a card like this, I get inspiration from the latest trends in textiles and interior design to make sure they feel fresh.


These cards use collage elements to feel handmade and crafty. They are perfect for you if you want to portray craftsmanship in your work or a sense of personal attention. When designing a card like this, I focus on the details – making sure the shadows are right, the illustrations are perfect and the textures have a real tactile look to them.


Business cards themselves are a form of introduction, and these cards take it to the extreme. You will certainly be remembered for your bold “Hello”. These cards are perfect for networking or for any occasion when your business card might be the first impression a potential customer has of you.


If your name is the cornerstone of your business, then a monogram card might work perfectly for you. The letter becomes the main takeaway on the card, and keeps the focus right where it should be – on you. I like these for the bold statement they make.


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