What is a blog?

A blog, short for “web log,” is a website where you can easily post new content. In other words, it doesn't require any IT guy or foreign party to run. Plus, you don’t need to dedicate too much time to manage it.

How will a blog benefit my business?

I'm glad you asked. A blog is an easy way for you to connect with your customers. They will be able to post comments or concerns about the services you offer, and you can answer them personally. This engagement will create the sense of connection that fosters customer loyalty. That’s big plus. This will not only help you gain some trustworthy customers, but it will also solidify your reputation within the Web community.

When that steady flow of customers are visiting your blog, why not throw some promotions or advertise some new products? Who knows? Maybe another company will see how popular your blog is and offer to advertise on your site, as well. Bonus!

How does this increase traffic?

First, you’re going to start becoming the go-to guy (or girl) within your industry. You will eventually begin establishing yourself as an expert. Second, you can directly link your blog to your site and other sites. If they link back, search engines will see that. They use these “backlinks” to indicate general popularity. They take into account where the link is coming from, which page it’s pointing to, and what the actual text of the link says. This SEO (search engine optimization) factor is why it is imperative that you update your blog with fresh content constantly.

So, to recap...

Adding a blog to your site will assert your superior customer service by giving you the ability to personally respond to your customers as well as solidify your reputation as their go-to expert. This will draw more traffic to your site. Combine that with your back linking to other sites and you have a concoction for success in search engine rankings.


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