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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Outsourcing Work
by Freya Kuka
May 5, 2022
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The transition from side hustle to being a full-time entrepreneur normally includes outsourcing some of your work. You cannot truly scale your business or your income if you do not start outsourcing work.

The pros of outsourcing are that you have more time to build relationships and focus on what matters most to your business. However, some entrepreneurs fear they will lose quality by outsourcing.

outsourcing graphic

How do you avoid losing quality? That starts with knowing what to outsource and then nailing down the process. 

#1 Know What You Are Spending Your Time on

To figure out what you need to outsource, you need to know what you are spending most of your time on. This can normally be done using a time tracker app like Toggl or simply your Mac’s built-in screen time widget.

I use Mac’s widget which shows me what apps I am using and how much time I have spent during the day on work.

Toggl app screenshot

Of course, the screen time tracker will only show you how much time you have been on your device. A better tool to depend on would be Rescue Time

If you do not want to invest in a paid tool, just try them out for 14 days with the trial. This should be enough to help you understand where most of your time is being spent.

Rescue time website screenshot

#2 Figure Out What You Do Not Want to Be Spending Time On

We all have preferences and focusing on what you like working on could help you become happier and more productive. Of course, you also need to focus on what work can be replicated easily. 

For example, when I started a blog, I quickly realized that content creation could be outsourced while managing my clients via email or reaching out to them. This is something I prefer doing myself so I can build better relationships. Similarly, for someone who has started a podcast, you could outsource the script creation process but you need to be the one forming relationships with guests you are inviting on to an episode. 

You are your business’s biggest asset which is the core idea behind outsourcing. There are certain elements of your entrepreneurial journey that you should not be outsourcing like building relationships, connecting with people within your industry, etc. 

However, the more mundane stuff like admin work, email marketing, and content creation can be outsourced.

Outsourcing in today’s world does not even necessarily mean outsourcing work to people. It could mean you are outsourcing something to a tool. Examples:

#3 Start Looking for People to Save You Time

Now that you know what you want to outsource, you can begin looking for the right people to hire. The first step is knowing where to look which means selecting the right job board.

If you want to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA), data entry analyst, or outreach assistant; I would suggest posting your job posting on Indeed. If you want help with something more on the creative side, there are a couple of other platforms you could try.

Problogger website screenshot

  • Writers/ Content Creation- ProBlogger is one of the best job boards to find writers who will help you create great copy.

Nuweb Marketing website screenshot

  • Website Creation/ Maintenance-  NuWeb Marketing and Lennox Creative Co are both great options for different elements of web design. Lennox is good for designing entire websites and general branding while NuWeb is great for maintenance, landing pages, and eCommerce pages. However, NuWeb does also offer custom-built websites.

BrandStrong website screenshot

  • Graphic Designers- BrandStrong is amazing for graphic design needs whether that is a logo or a lead magnet that needs work. They use professional drawing software to complete each project and it is one of the best services you can bet on.

#4 Narrow Down on an Onboarding Process

Now you have posted your job posting, narrowed down on who you want to potentially bring on board, and are wondering what the next step should be. I would suggest doing one of two things (or both)

  • Giving them a test project- If it is a writer, designer, or website developer you have hired you can consider giving them a test project.
  • Testing out their knowledge/ skills live (via call)- If you have hired someone like an outreach assistant or a VA, you could consider testing their people skills by hopping on a quick video interview. You could explain what you expect from them, what they should expect in return, what sort of clients you deal with, etc.

If you want to simplify the hiring process, you should consider using a talent acquisition platform like Recruitee. A tool like this one will help you manage potential candidates in a pipeline.

Recruitee app screennshot


It includes features like helping you:

  • schedule video interviews, 
  • create applications,
  • publish your job posting on over 1250 job boards they are connected to, 
  • sending your reminders when you have something scheduled, and more.

#5 Hash Out the Details

Now that you know who you want to hire, you need to make sure you are on the same page. This normally comes down to the finances. Examples would include-

  • If you are paying them via PayPal, who is covering the fees? Them or you? This needs to be talked about.
  • If you are hiring a professional such as a lawyer for legal work, are they working on a contingency fee basis? Ideally, they should be since this means that their pay is dependant on them recovering money on your behalf (The fee is dependant on the result of the case).

These are just a few examples though. You should always make sure that you are walking into a professional relationship with both sides knowing exactly what they are getting into. This could mean some awkward questions or potential disagreements but it is necessary.


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