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8 Ways To Support Hispanic-Owned Businesses
by Brett Farmiloe
May 9, 2022
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What is one way to support Hispanic-owned businesses?

To help you with ideas to advocate for Hispanic-owned businesses, we asked business professionals and executives this question for their best suggestions. From writing a review to diversifying your vendor supply chain, there are several tips that may help you stand behind your Latino community. 

Here are eight ideas to promote Latino-owned businesses: 

  • Write a Great Review
  • Promote on Social Media
  • Support Hispanic Organizations
  • Offer Services in Spanish
  • Diversify Your Vendor Supply Chain
  • Help Community-Led Initiatives
  • Patronize and Tell the World
  • Utilize Brands for Corporate Events

Write a Great Review 

Hispanic-owned businesses are eager to help our communities and families alike. When using a Hispanic-owned business, just like any other owner, a favorable response and recommendation on either Yelp, Google, Facebook, or any other social media website is paramount. As we know in the business arena, folks are quick to express their negative experience. However, a positive experience seldom gets the proper recognition.
- Bobby Zavala, Cochise County

Promote on Social Media 

Never underestimate the power of social media. One way to support a Hispanic-owned business is to post about it on your social platforms. This will allow your followers to see what products or services the business has to offer, and encourage them to go check out the business themselves. Whenever I see someone post a product on social media, I always click on the company they tagged to browse their site. Even if someone doesn’t end up buying anything, it still creates more exposure for the business and increases their overall engagement.
- Shelby McCabe, Markitors

Support Hispanic Organizations

Support Hispanic-owned businesses by supporting organizations such as the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). It is the oldest Hispanic-centered organization in America. They provide a detailed list of resources and materials to help entrepreneurs. The LULAC has also created the Latina Entrepreneur Academy to help Hispanic women build their own businesses and enhance their current businesses. Support this organization, and you are supporting and encouraging the dreams of all Hispanic entrepreneurs. 
- Mike Pasley, Allegiant Goods

Offer Services in Spanish

One way to support Hispanic-owned businesses is to offer advice and support in Spanish. Many Hispanic business owners speak Spanish, and some may be new to the United States. Offering them services and mentorship in Spanish can help them feel more comfortable and allow them to accurately glean all of the information they need to succeed. Make it clear to them that you want to support them in every way possible.
- Shaun Price, MitoQ

Diversify Your Vendor Supply Chain 

By implementing a supplier diversity program into your vendor supply chain, your company can support Hispanic-owned businesses and help create a more equitable world. These programs encourage the inclusion of businesses that are underrepresented or underserved. Typically, these business owners are minorities, women, members of the LGBT community, and service-disabled veterans. 

Diversifying your company's vendor list fosters the growth of these small businesses and helps them open doors to new capital and networking opportunities. In addition to the economic impact supplier diversity can have on Hispanic-owned businesses, it can also significantly improve their communities’ financial well-being communities through job creation, increased wages, and tax revenue. When small businesses and their communities grow, so does our nation's economy.
- Jared Pobre, Caldera + Lab

Help Community-Led Initiatives

Join non-government organizations like the Support Latino Business. The organization is composed of Latinx allies that help increase the opportunities available to Latinx business people. There are several ways to get involved with the group: donate money directly, join their network, or become a partner. All of these actions play a significant role in spreading awareness of the contribution of Latinx-owned businesses, helping them maximize their potential through joint community efforts.
- Chris Alexakis, Cabinet Select

Patronize and Tell the World 

A simple way to support Hispanic-owned businesses is to buy from them and recommend them to your friends and family. Purchasing their products or services will directly help Hispanic businesses, so do it! The other simple way to support them is to recommend them to your friends and family. Post about their business on social media, tell people in person, and basically spread the word about your favorite Hispanic-owned businesses. 
- Justin Chan, June Shine

Utilize Brands for Corporate Events

A great way companies can support Hispanic-owned businesses is to patronize these establishments for corporate events. For example, leaders can cater team lunches or dinners from a Hispanic-owned restaurant and put together employee swag bags or care packages full of goodies from Latinx brands. To maximize the impact of these gestures, organizers can thank the business during event announcements, print the business's information on the program or card, and encourage team members to check out and continue to support the business.
- Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

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